The Fork in the Road

Welcome to our farm at The Fork in the Road!  We raise cattle, pigs, row crops, and seasonal veggies. Check out our new catering menu & special events!

Whole Hog - $2.89/lb.

Hog picture.jpg
Hog picture.jpg

Whole Hog - $2.89/lb.


Reserves your whole hog.

Total price is $2.89/lb + tax and a final bill will be determined once the butcher gives us your hog's weight.  $100 will be deducted from the total due.

A whole hog will be approximately 150-180# of meat, including: loin, pork chops, bacon, ham, ham steak, hamhock, roasts, shoulder bacon, sausage, ground pork, .porkburgers, spare ribs, & baby back ribs.

You'll also receive our favorite recipes for each cut!

Delivery is available at $1/mile.

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-High quality, locally raised pork!  

-Butchered at our local locker.

-Save money AND eat well!